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A Current Masquerade.

Updated: Nov 5, 2020





A new addition,

To all our daily tasks.

It isn't that hard,

If it makes others feel safe.

After all,

Its just some cloth on your face.

But what sparks a wrath within me,

Loses faith in the human race.

Now all I see around me,

A litter of Blue...

Blue being the way I feel,

The constant sight,

It makes me ill.

It seems we were all worried for a moment,

That this Earth,

We will soon destroy.

Now forgotten,

Like a child forgets a tantrum,

When gifted a brand new toy.

Just think,

When our age is over,

What treasure's will be there to discover?

Before us,




Fossils and ancient pottery.

These Archaeologists surely won the lottery.

A dream job an Archaeologist will not be...

If all they dig up,

Are plastic bags,



They'll surely have a laugh.

At how stupid we were,

Ignorant we were.

The glorious,


Plastic Age.

We'll be known as the age,

That almost destroyed.

Polluted the seas,

Brought species to their knees.

Lost all the trees.


Its really not hard.

I know just a part,

But easily solved.

If we all get involved!

DONT buy a disposable mask,

Buy a reusable.

Just wash it with your socks,

Its really not difficult.

And to those that have no disregard,

Think its ok for the floor to discard.

If you come across my path,

You'll surely feel our Mothers wrath.

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