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A Mundane Existence.

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Imagine a world with no colour,

How different each day would be.

Would flowers really be flowers?

Or would they just turn into leaves?

Our minds would surely turn dull,

With no choice of an outfit,

Or shoes.

Would there still be music of Soul?

Would the Blues still be the Blues?

Would our emotions be quite changed...

With no colours,

To look upon and gaze.

Would we even have feelings at all?

If the Sun was just light,

Our lives just Grey.

Would there be poems to write,

Or stories to say?

Could you really judge a book by its cover?

Or tell the difference from your Aunt,

To your Mother.

Would the Sea just become murky water,

Would we still want to jump in and explore her!

Would a fire still be so warm,

With no Orange or Reds in it's form.

What would happen to food?

Would a berry still be sweet,

With no inviting colour's for the eye to meet.

Imagine a world with no colour,

How different each day would be.

With blood Black,

Would our minds turn sour?

With no patterns or pigments,

For our souls to devour.

Would a Rainbow even exist?

Or just blend with the sky into mist.

Would an Abyss be an Abyss?

Or just mould with this life we are in.

Would a Bull ever get mad?

Would a show be a show?

Would a Pirate still want it's treasure,

With no Bronze, Sliver or Gold.

Would our brains just go numb?

Would a song still want to be sung...

To imagine it gone...

Will help you remember,

How each season belongs,

From July to December.

A life with no colour,

Is no life for me.

I'm gonna wonder outside,

With a sigh of relief!

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