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A Promise.

Ive made a promise to myself,

One of value,

One of wealth.

That wherever this life may lead,

Ill be no one else but me.

My mind among the trees,

A mind that loves,


I wont change for a single soul,

For myself ill only long.

No mould will fit but my own,

A mould I built alone.

My own sanctuary,


A mind garden,

I will tend to.

Make sure all flowers blossom,

The only way there meant to.

Be kind to every seed,

Pull away the weeds.

Weeds that could ruin my lovely garden,

Will force my heart to harden.

There's no place for you here.

Ive made myself a promise,

One of wonder,

One of courage.

To be grateful for this life I own,

This path I choose to walk alone.

A story just beginning,

Will continue,

As the world is spinning.

My path lit by moon,

I promise ill be back soon.


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