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A Questionable Tale.

There's a land at the bottom of my garden,

A land so near,

So faraway.

I've only been there once you see,

So I'll try my best to explain.

A utopia locked away,

Where your smile is the key.

The grass there so tall,

So thick and so green.

The sun is always out,

It hugs you in her beams.

Lillie's dance in the air,

A dance so beautiful,

So serene.

A golden shower blankets this place,

One not wet but warm,

So full of grace.

Forget your worries,

Forget your fears when your here.

Or you'll soon be kicked out,

If this rule you don't adhere!

The trees who guard and protect this land,

Oh so handsome and wise,

They do stand.

For thousands of years,

With one demand...

No sadness here.

If you peer real close,

Peer at their leaves,

There's Ladybird's chattering,

Drinking cups of tea.

If you gaze over there,

There's a badger in a sundress,

Doing her washing,

Just minding her business.

Follow Mrs badger,

She'll guide you to a pasture.

A field so lush and soft,

Not a dry patch in sight,

Not a drop.

I was lucky you see,

She took a liking to me!

Took my hand,

Introduced me to her clan.

Squirrel's that were reading,

Rabbit's that were racing!

Some Fox's having a picnic...

The Vixen's adorned in lace,

While their cubs were waiting so patiently,

As they gossiped,


And lazed.

Butterfly's were laughing,

Swooping with ease.

In and out of the bushes,

Sharing sweet nectar with the bees.


An incandescent light,

Made this world disappear.

As a warm red trickle,

Made it's way down my ear.

A surging pain,

Now I can't quite ignore.

I'm beginning to doubt myself,

I'm not quite sure...

There's an apple tree at the bottom of my garden,

With a bench twined with vines underneath.

I tend to sit there quietly sometimes,

With a bottle of wine.

Or two or three.

The apple's that grow,

So large,

There a sight to be seen!

Come to think,

I feel a bit confused,

Sat on this bench,

As my head starts to bruise.

Slouched in my seat,

Surrounded by fruit.

With red stained lips and teeth to boot.

I'm pretty sure there's a land at the bottom of my garden...

As I said,

Only been there once!

What do you think?

Does it ring true? rude,

Where've you gone?

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