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A Refugees Reality.

Could you even imagine,

How much despair,

Pain and hurt,

Your life would have to contain.

To risk your childrens lives,

Only a slim chance,

Of their survival...

Cast them off on a boat.

In the hands of Mother nature,

Praying for their revival.

Say goodbye to them forever,

While you still endure the terror.

A game of chance,



That their dingy crossing the channel,

Will just stay afloat.

Even if they make it,

With salt soaked skin,

Dry throats.

This is not the finish line,

Not even close.

This nightmare their living,

Still in full flow.

No welcoming arms,

To console these troubled souls.

No helping hands,

To reassure,

The worst is over.

They haven't quite reached Dover.

Now in limbo,

Limbs so weak and tired.

Bellies so empty,

Bodies so cold.

Only spark keeping them alive,

Is the volcano of anger inside.

That their still not really free,

Mothers and wives,

Still suffering.

Faint screams from their journey,

In their mind,

Still muttering.

Chaos beginning to flutter in,

Because we decide they don't deserve,

Our country's time or care...

Your a monster,

If you cant understand.

How much these people have gone through,

To travel to this "Golden land."

And you dare to have an opinion,

Cosied up in your four bed house.

Does no life but your own really count.

What fate would you want for your family?

If you had to take the unthinkable risk.

You'd want them embraced,

Hugged and kissed.

You'd want someone to tell them,

"Your safe now".

Your Mothers wish,

Heart breaking risk,


One day,

In time,

We'll help dissolve the trauma,

Engulfing your mind.


Tents and leaves become their beds.

Hiding from the police,

In fields stained with tears and grief.

One hope to keep them alive...

Groups of people with loving minds.

Volunteers who spend their time,

To give others a better chance of life.

Cook amazing fresh meals,

Give clothes,

Toys and shoes.

Organise play for children...

This could be you!

Its not easy work,

Long cold days and nights.

Your reward,

A crooked smile.

The satisfaction,

Of helping these people.

With kindness and action.

These amazing saviours,

I commend you all.

Your the last glimmer of hope,

In a world so torn.

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