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Maybe its just me,

But some days I just want to scream! A scratch in my brain,



Any movement,

Any word.

Even a sweet tweet of a bird,

Angers me,

Annoys me.

Feels like the universe is toying with me,

This deep irritation,

Destroying me.

A kind heart,

I usually bare.

But on these days,

Prickly skin...

Rips the nice patient girl.

Unveiling a monster.

I know she's unreasonable,

No shift of mood,

Will control her,

No hug or kiss console her.

She's provoking for a fight,


For any chance,

To sink her teeth.

Take a bite.

Swallowed up any glimpse,

Of laugh,

Even light.

Not quite sure what's perturbed her?

Resurrected hormones,

Or a product of this tricky life.

All I know is she's out for murder,

A drop of a pin,

Is enough to disturb her.

God forbid the wind ruins her hair,

Or you try to cheer her up...

Watch out,


She takes hold of my tongue,

So easily.

Words flow so mean,

So unagreeable.

I'm aware of what she's doing,

But to shut her up,

I'm sorry,

Seems unfeasible.

She acts as if the whole world has,

Betrayed her.

This dragon inside,

Impossible to slay her.

She likes to test me,


Unearthing my sins.

Anything to vex me.

I apologise in advance,

If on these days,

You've seen this trance.

Forgive me if she's made a jab.

I do my best,

But she's a magician of sense.

I found the best way to make her quit,

Is to acknowledge her presence.

Call her out,

Make her known.

Then usually she'll get embarrassed,

Abdicate her,

Infuriating throne.

Restore the nice, kind girl I love and know!

For now...

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