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An Unnecessary Evil.

I know it hurts,


This pain you are feeling.

That fear and trauma,

Your mind,

So well,

Is concealing.

Each day,

It buries,

Deeper...into the Earth.

Decomposing your secrets,

You've hidden from birth.

You hide away in your tower,

You feel safe here,

Tucked away from,




Longing for a saviour.

I need to tell you,


No Prince can save you now.

The Fairy tale is over,

Disappeared with the clouds.

I know it's not fair,

Your innocence vanquished,

Before it had a chance to even be.

But this blue sky now shines,

Now clears the way for you.

For on this day,

A dream just might come true.

That nightmare,

That has stolen so many days from you,

Dear sister,

Stolen so many smiles.

You'll soon discover now,

A woman's most powerful magic and tool,

Is her ability to grow,

Grow from the thorns.

Rise from her own ashes.

Ashes built from tears and grief.

Rebirth herself,

Now so strong,

Built from scales of diamonds.

Forged with the fire that the thief sparked within.

Ready now to finally move on,

Shielded with your almighty new skin.

For nothing is more powerful,

Than a new woman,

Birthed from her own grim tale.

An Unnecessary evil,

I know,

One you could have lived without.

But now,

Dear sister.

Will be gone all feeling's,

Once of doubt.

You can conquer kingdoms now,

My sister,

Become the Queen you always were.

Bleed with us now,

Sync with us all.

Use your pain as strength,

Your anger as ambition.

Join your sisters,

In the most important mission.

One centuries old,

The longest battle of all time.

This body is not yours.


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