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Once upon a life,

Dwelled a fairy garden, just West of the bush.

A garden bursting with healing herbs,

Just perfect for tea.

Flowers all brimming and singing,

Abundant with fruits.

Blushing pomegranates soon vanish into nourishing salads.

Black magic olives are demolished as they fall from the sky.

If your lucky enough to pass through the gate.

The fairy that resides here,

Will gladly, open her wings.

She'll feed you, and love you.

She'll open her heart.

A heart as warm as the poking morning sun,

That will hug your face, with each new day.

Blessings and echos of vinyl will remind you.

Smells of bread in the oven will rise you,

From sweet slumber.

A whole space for creating.

This fairy has made life an art.

Art her life.

Her stories are enchanting.

She will laugh, she will listen.

Many wise notions, will cross oceans.

Due to this fairies pure mission.

Welcoming all kinds and colours of travelling bees.

Bees that need space to blossom and breathe.

You will rest easy under the shade of her wing.

A plant based palace,

She has managed to craft and create.

Never have I felt so at home in a faraway place.

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