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A skill of human kind they say,

Has become more apparent,

Among each day.

A must have attribute,

To show you contribute.

An unspoken deed,

Nailed in your coffin,

Before you could breathe.

But how could I possibly...tangibly...

Balance on this rope,

Prove my worth,

To the world.

With buckled ankles,

Rusty shackles.

Its a challenging act.

If I fall,

Too many duties to catch.

I need I need.

I want.

I need.

These crippling desires,

Now straining my knees.

Torso thick,

Bursting with greed.

Heart so heavy,

Each beat cries a minute.

Told were never at peace,

Till we finish.

What madness is this?

Nobody's wish.

I think on the ground,

My feet will remain.

No more wobbling conditions,


Pointless provisions.

On Mothers soil,

I can finally relax.

This donkey show is over,

I've unburdened my back.

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