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Butterfly Tour.


Fly me high.

Take me with you,

On your journey,

To that sapphire blue sky.

Peachy clouds,

Placed so perfectly.

A labyrinth of jewels,

Only you know the way.

I'm your guest,

On this butterfly tour today.

Buttery fields,

As far as your eyes can see.

Corn swarming the lawn.

Hay bails so golden,

As we glide so free.

Wild flowers,

As tall as towers.

Their sweet nectar,

You detect.

We lose our mind for hours,

Brushing and rolling,

In their sweet scent.

The raw beauty,

Of the English countryside,

On a summers day.

The joy it brings,

As the Jaybirds sings.

You cannot truly convey.

Regained our sense,

Were off again,

Guided by the soft wind.

Our next destination,

A new revelation.

As the Sun turns rusty red.

Where do butterflies lay their heads?

An old Oak tree,

So tall,

So sure.

Leaves so carefully drawn,

Placed perfectly.

Its real purpose,

A butterfly nursery.

One small hole

A secret door.

One peek inside,

My heart fluttered so warm.

The world reaching dawn,

As us humans start to yawn,

This is when the butterflies swarm.

Protected in Oak,

They dance so gracefully,

Getting drunk on the nectar,

They share,

So heavenly.

Trading stories,

Of the mysterious world around,

Each beat of their wings,

Making music,

A glorious sound.

My vision overwhelmed,

By the rainbow of colours,

Against the shiny Oak skin.

A smile so raw and content,

As my guide waves goodbye.

My time is done,

So humbled,

I leave.

Touched by simple joy,

A feast of nature's wonder.

Through a Moon lit meadow,

I now wander.

Wondering if anyone would believe me,

If I told them of my magical day.

The sights the butterfly has gifted me.

Now a fantasy,

An enchanted tale.

Soon a memory,


The truth.

My heart will melt.

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