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Choose Magic.

If you want to see it,

It will come...

If you want to feel it,

You'll feel it.

Decide to dream it,

You'll dream it.

Choose to believe it?

Magic will come...

It will enter your life,

Quiet as a mouse.

Slowly leaving you breadcrumbs,

Around the house.

A feeling,

A feather,

A glimpse,

At whether...

Whether your ready,

For riddles,

Questions and feelings.

New emotions,


Daydreams and meanings.

Meanings in vibrations,



Choose to believe it?

Magic will come...

Colours will brighten,

As your insight tightens.

With fresh eye's of fascination,

enchantment and wonder.

Small detail's once lost,

Now revealed.

Ready for the conjure.

Choose to believe it?

Magic will come...

A simple recipe,

An easy spell.

One of kindness,



And Giant's fingernails.

No pointy hat needed,

Just don't be conceded.

A new life awaits you,

Magic has come.

A new story of bliss,

Now marked with nature's kiss.

You can take on the world.

Bad feeling's now gone.

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