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Dancing on the Ivy.

Dancing and hopping across ivy,

Laughing and singing along.

The vines and the leaves that do guide me,

Prancing and skipping to song!

That capable entrancing sweet melody,

I seem to have stuck in my mind...

Your making this up they keep telling me,

Your lying or just lost in time!

Led in a bed of wild flowers,

Listening and learning of root.

Shoot high,

There could be a narrow future,

If reserving your life just for loot!

Golden coins showering and churning the land,

I'd rather be sat here toes nestled in the sand.

Hiding and seeking from corruption of man,

Smiling in the comfort of truth.

An all knowing,

Blissful and binding new notion.

I create my own destiny,

Far from the chaos,

Bathing in ocean!

My life is my own,

Happiness now so transparent,

As light and as clear as that last tear I shed for that version of you!

Floating in awe,

Transcending further...blooming and growing each day.

This journey of pieces,

You are the master!

Dance on the ivy,

Just listen for laughter.

I hope in this present,

To see you there after!

Say goodbye to that burden and concept of you.

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