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Dear Mother

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

I think it's finally time we talked about what big brother has been doing…

He always get's the last word,

He always wins the fight,

He thinks War is always the answer,

He thinks he's always right.

He won't listen,

He won't open his mind...

To the destruction he's leaving behind...

He thinks he's untouchable,

Protected by suits.

He's a master of distraction...

Creating technology to numb our brains,

To stop us asking questions,

Preventing us from realizing his wicked game.

Because we think he gives us answers,

But deep down we know it's not the truth,

What has Big Brother really been up too?

We want to find out,

Mother, how about you?


A technique he's used since the dawn of time,

To control us all,

Preventing us from our natural shine.

He's changed the definition of freedom in our minds,

He's blinded us,

From not asking questions for some time.

He's destroying our rivers,

Our sea's and our lakes.

He's slaughtering animals,

Turning some into steak.

He's greedy,

He's hungry,

He won't seem to stop.

He know's what he's doing...

He's not stupid...

He's aware...

I think it's time we gave him a scare!

I know you've forgotten,

He's trained our minds well...

He's thinks he's got us under his spell,

He's created such a mess,

And we've never tidied up,

We've let it grow and grow,

But now i think that's enough…

I'm here to remind you,

You are actually FREE...

Free to have an opinion,

And be the person you want to be.

Although we won't admit it,

Because it’s easier to pretend,

Pretend most of us aren't suffering...

Pretend the world might not end.

I know it seems impossible,

But the Earth can't fight back,

His control may seem untouchable,

But this we must unwrap.

Defend those who are lost,

Defend those who need our help,

Defend those who have forgotten,

Can't you hear them scream and yell?

We are all very different…

Which is why we're all so special.

But we all share one thing in common,

Were destroying this lovely vessel.

We've been warned,

We've been told so many times…

So why do we let fear and hate still control our minds?

Were in deep,

I know this for sure,

But if we join together we can all paddle to shore.

It won't be easy,

It will take time,

But the first step is reclaiming your mind!

Let's do this together,

And Big Brother will surely see,

We'll be a force to be reckoned with,

Because our minds will be finally free!

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