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Dear Mountain.

Here we are again...

Written our days,

Sketched a pause in us all.

Drawn to what once was,

More now than ever.



In daydream.

Heart yearning for adventure,

So I'll simply close my eyes.

Through imagination,

A blink of past ventures.

Days of following the sun.

Barefoot in the sand.

My smile is all I am.

Sweet memories of distant lands.

Each morning,

Rise slowly,


As fresh bread in the oven would rise.

No plans.

Only discovery.

Misty mountain tops,

Level with the clouds.

You can taste the peace on your tongue.

Every glance,

Each view.

Brings awe and home.

Abandoned buildings,

Reclaimed by nature.

Concrete decorated green,

Vines telling a story.

Radiant flowers seem to gossip with the butterfly's.

A new graceful colour,

Aligns your gaze.

Swooping between us.

Explorer's now our role.

Such velvet laughs,

As we become each other's guide.

We will remember each moment,

Every flicker of light.

Remember how easily,

The oxygen embraced our lungs.

How warm and gentle,

Each breath had become.

Our life was now a movie.

Our present,

Was presence.

Western woe's now myth.

Standing on that mountain,


Exuding joy,

As a water would glide from a fountain.

Catching every scene,

Feeling as we saw.

Entwined senses a new pleasure.

Audience to each sunrise.



A forgotten concept.

Each moment.

The only moment we needed.

To gaze upon the world,

Enchanted on that mountain.

My only wish.

Say goodbye to collective delusions,

Escape the madness,

Run from robotic minds of the West.

I've truly tried my best.

I know I don't belong.

Footprints stained beaches.

I left my heart behind.

I feel an absence in my being.

Not sorrow,

Nor lack of ambition.

A fragment temporarily lost,

In the hands of the Sun.

Protected and loved.

Till dear friend we meet again.

Sometimes the place of your birth,

May not be your home.

After lost time,

With a deep sense of knowing.

Drawn to that warm wind blowing.

Let go of that baggage,

You so desperately,

Seem to be towing.

Discard conditioned recognition,

Of what others think your life should be.

Join the bright beams of your balance,

Such beauty.

Remembered amongst the trees.

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