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Forget me not.

Caught in an overgrown garden. Of overgrown ego and imagination.

Dwelling in this garden of green, roots and brutes shoot for the stars.

Rocks and atoms clung in an absence of gravity.

The gravity of our actions, each thought and vibration leaving our bodies.

Dancing words glide into our eardrums, penetrating our heart strings.

Causing drums of butterflies in our organs.

Breath escaping in a tidal wave motion.

Intentionally sit.

In this overgrown world, surrounded by the wonder of greens and blue.

Heat from the sun giving birth to your skin.

Each clue from each colour and ray of light, every nod from the universe your doing alright.

This glue of good holding the truth behind desire of your own existence.

To each of us much different.

Comfortable in the knowing of this overgrown garden my intentions are true.

I can in whole be myself in this meadow of blue.

Am I a flower or a weed I do not care. Aware of the despair I leave and say goodbye.

Touched in flight by each smile and laugh aloud.

Grounded and reminded by pillows of clouds, I am protected by the earth.

In respecting her I respect myself. Loving this body and soil, long lost sister of the wind. I hear you now.

No longer fed by nosey neighbours, tend to your own reality. For mine is my own.

A peaceful realisation.

Forget me not.

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