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Goddess Within.


Fragile girl.

Your so much more than,

Flesh and bone.

This reflection,

May show your alone,

Your not.

You've fallen,


Deep into their plot.

At any cost,

Please listen.

Another force,

Has another mission,

For you.

Their counting on your fall,

The hole thats lost,

So many women.

That have forgotten,

Before you.


The Goddess within.

Its true.

She's waiting.


For that first recognition.

Thats all she needs,

One second,


Of truth.

To begin her work.

Rise you up from the dirt.

The mud,

Thick on your skin.

Weighing you down,

Planting the doubt.

The Goddess will fight,

And she'll win.

Adorn her with jewels,

Pamper her mind.

Give her no reason,

To hide in the shadows.

When your souls become one,

You'll rejoice in the sun.



She'll be your strength.

Show you the beauty,

Of your skin.

At any length.

You'll see your world,

Through her eyes,

See your worth.

Remember she's just,

Been waiting there since birth.

Shunned by the masses,

Ingrained in you.

She couldn't exist.

Told stories about her,

Till she became just a myth.

So when you feel her knocking,

Let go!

Release control to her love.

Oh sweet girl.

An ecstasy awaits you.

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