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Just Be.

I'm so tired.

Tired of words flowing wild,

Words of sorrow.

This world rewired.

Electricity sparked,

From anger and hate.

A circuit non-stopping,

Can we borrow some love...


It makes me sad,

When my pen hits the paper.

All that follows is ink of Blue.

Tragedy sticking to my mind,


Feels like my heart is pumping too fast,

The blood in my veins,

Wearing a mask.

Becoming tainted,

Stained from the mess of the world.

I'm losing that carefree,

Innocent girl.

I've made a decision,

To filter my vision.

No-one's permission,

My own.

Drink cups of tea,

Patiently wait.

For murky waters to fade.

Look within me.

Just Be.

Close my eyes,

Touch in with myself.

Really feel what I'm feeling.

Till my light,

Touches the ceiling.


Inhale so deeply,

In turn my body releasing.


Expelling negativity,

You have no place here.

Any wicked poking thoughts,


Just Be.

Such an easy euphoria,


Lost in the confusion,

Of our mind and ego's,

Desire to be always on to the next thing.


Your already complete.

Distracting you from,



The real you.


Me doesn't exist,

Another of your minds sneaky tricks!

Once you label,

Acknowledge something as yours.

You've fallen,


In their consuming claws.

I hope this makes sense...

That to be,

Present in a moment.

Nothing can be yours.

No object or thought.

That's what the ego wants,

To boil your desire,

Of material things.

To prevent you from seeing,

Clipping your wings.

How simple,


You can be one with your true self.

Just silence,

No reasoning..

Just Be.

Nothing else.

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