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Last Hope.

Tiny tingling,

Testing Temptress.

Take hold of me,

I beg you.

Every cell of my being,


Please enter.

Show me joy.

Ignite passion.


I gift you every last ember.

Every grain of mu body.


In you I trust.

To show me the way.

Each Moon lit night.

Every Sun soaked day.


Melt into my skin.

Make me glow.

As you show,

Me the reason i'm here.

Mirror every smile.

Wipe every tear.

Explain away any doubt.

Quench my heart.

Pump the ruby Red blood.

Keeping me alive.

I'm alive...

So are you.

Every commotion,

Breath taking emotion.

Stems back to you.

Be the bulb,

That flowers all year.

Be my roots,


Thick in knowing,


The sole reason,

My being still standing.

My grounding,

Soft peaceful landing.

Blanket of protection.

Shield me from a wilterring world.

You'll be the only drug.

To cure.


Engulf all the lost ones,

I beg you.

Once we all see our lives,

Through your enchanting eyes.

Then we can save,

Live life day to day.

Only caring.


This our only way,

For humanity to be saved.

I wish upon your guidance.

Each day.

You defeat every worry.

Keep the monsters at bay.

In your vision,

We must portray.

It's crunch time,

You our only life line.

I'll pray to you.

Embody us all.


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