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Little Things.

A foggy busy year,

One thing for me,

Now clear.

To the Little things we must revere.

My sweet coffee in the morning,

I sip as the world goes by.

The freshness of the air outside.

Wrapped up warm,

Numb fingers,

Soothed by my china mug.

Having time to listen to the birds,

Bugs popping by,

Reaffirming now how lucky I am.

No rush to begin my day.

I can sit in that chair for hours.

In silence.

Being with myself.

Honouring the moment.

A simple one,

One that means so much.

Tuning in to mother nature's touch.

When I decide,

I'll venture back inside.

Roll out my mat,

Body aligned,



The power of movement,

A beautiful instrument.

Quieting my mind,

Listening to that familiar song.

Present in that moment.

Nothing is wrong.

Surrounded by my plants,

Who I imagine copy my flow.

As I release any unwanted energy,

From my head,

To my toes.

My contentment only grows.

Gratitude bursting from within.

During a world crisis,

I surely found the gold.

For my days like this to unfold.

Allowing myself to surrender,

Embrace the kiss.

Wishing each day,

Could be as simple as this.

I'll admit,

That would be my wish.

The rest of my day,

A poem may evolve...

A walk with my love,

It will surely involve.

No expectations,

Actions based on only how i'm feeling.

A notion lost through years,

Of running,


How at peace I feel in isolation,

May be shocking.

As this boat keeps rocking,

I'm locking myself away.

To a land ruled by little things,


All I need.

No "I want's".

No greed.

This is a life I could lead,

Planted now the seed.

So when the bustle resumes,

I won't allow suspicious distractions,

To consume me,

Delude me.

Change my mind,

Or confuse me.

I'm so lucky to have found,

Not much I need,

For my soul to be sound.

Just feet on the ground...

In simplicity I will surround.

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