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Mind of a Child.

I can't believe,

My mind was once,

So full,

Yet so unaware.

A blissful unknowing,

Of the world's hatred and fear.

Isn't that the comedy,

Of what we each long for?

The mind of a child,

Is what we all cling from.

The simplicity of an action,

The enormity of a feeling.

The selfish decisions,

With no consequence,

No reasoning.

Just right or wrong,

No shades of Grey.

Just happy or sad,

No other emotions come into play.


A complex ideology,

A label we once sped up,

To feel mature,

And need nobody.

Nobody to hold our hand,

Nobody to hold us back.

To become an adult,

Which then is our only desire...

To only discover,

Our childhood is gone!

Put out with the fire.

Then we panic...

As our skin starts to wilter.

Our mind and actions,

Try to undo time...

Some even pay for surgery,

To erase those lines.

We hit a wall,

A wall we once built ourselves.

A wall now so high,

So seemingly untouchable...

Our inner child begins to cry.

But the secret you need to know,

Any wall of the mind,

With perseverance,

Will fall down and simply go.

Release that inner child,

The one you locked up so fast.

Embrace them warmly,

You'll find no time has really passed.

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