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Paws For Thought.

A Poem dedicated to the amazing work of the 'Soi Dog Foundation.'

I'm sorry to say,

But this poem won't lift your day.

There's a cause,

That needs our pause.

Paws that need our help.

Cats and Dogs,

Fighting for survival.

Innocent victims of a trade,

So vile.

Through not fault of their own,

Filthy streets they roam.

Longing for a home.

So vulnerable,

In humans they trust,

A slight hope,

That a companion might be won.

In some countries,

I will not name.

An ancient ritual,

One that should bring shame.

A nightmare,

Torturous game.

One so hard to explain.

A belief that through,

Pain and suffering.

The meat of "Man's best friend",

Will taste more succulent.

A disgrace of human behaviour.



This adrenalin and fear,

On these animals they desire.

In this day and age,

Lack of education,

Surely can't be an excuse.

We need to teach more awareness,

Cut these innocent animals loose.

Illegal markets,


Celebration of an act so unimaginable.

If a voice these animals had,

The horrific stories,

They'd tell us...

Of a tradition so wicked,

So callous.

It's tough,

But imagine with me.

A poor lost puppy,


To the devil's lair.

Where evil,

Stands him on a blood thick stage,

Poking him with a dirty blade.

All while a crowd of darkness,

Claps and cheers,


Staring at their next delicious meal.

A horrible description,

But one that's real.

That knot in your stomach,

A glimpse,

Of what these animals feel.

A terrifying ordeal.

A disturbing truth,

One we must unroot.

Shine a light of these dark villains,

Prevent them from this hurt and pillage.

A saddest of tales,

It's tails that need our help.

A rescue mission,

A defeat,

A goal we can certainly reach.

This betrayal,

Of innocent hearts.

That only craved love from the start...

Where there's tragedy,

There's usually hope.

An organisation,

That needs our vote.

I've been to see their work,

Visited these animals,


From a potential awful fate.

I met an old soul called 'Maya'.

No eyes or teeth.

A cautious energy,

Her goodness though still managing.

She came up to me,

So quite,


Only wanting love.

As I hugged her,

Tears burst from inside.

A sense of relief she had escaped an awful place.

A place run by the demons,

Disguised in human skin.

A little win,

Of a battle still in full swing.


I hope for the rest of your days.

You may be at peace.

Treated with kindness.

Memories becoming more distant,

Of our humans deceit.

Your no different than us,

Not just a slab of meat.

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