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Point of view.

Sat cross legged on a cushion of red and brown leaves.

Ladybirds pottering up and down my bare knees.

A horizon of silence amongst all the trees.

I gaze up in wonderment,

From this point of view.

Naked soles of my feet,

Dipped in a misty lake at dawn.

The warm rising sun,

Soothing my face as I yawn.

Counting Magpie's as they dance by.

Entranced by the magic,

From this point of view.

Venturing through a forest.

Guided by intuition and moon.

Catching stars in glass jars is my favourite thing to do.

Making friends with the wolves,

As wild as I will ever be.

This world can be a dream,

From this point of view.

A fairytale existence,

Needs but no resistance.

A reality of managing to see the world as it is.

An enchanted root of magic seed in your mind will be planted.

When you open your eyes for the very first time.

Worries will dissolve,

All your wishes will be granted.

When seeing this life from this point of view.

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