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How can it be,

That they just bought a new car,

While they just want to be free?

They seem to have many problems,

The boiler,

The dog,

The wife?

While the other seems really happy,

With no toilet,

No kitchen,

No lights?

Is this the joke of our exsistence,

Is this the secret we all know?

Money may fix things for a moment...

But it can't help your soul really grow!

So strange how one person can have so much,

While the other still rebuilds there home,

Year's after a flood.

For some reason there seems to be a few reality's...

Which makes me ask the question,

Why them and not me?

Seems strange i be so lucky,

While others seem to suffer...

It's a strange guilt when feeling,

Better than another?


That's the problem.

We are all the same.

So why is it some of us can barely stay sane?

In my head,

I have the perfect reality,

Where we all get along,

And the world becomes a family.

The borders come down,

And the smiles light up,

All bellies are full,

We all have enough!

What a concept that would be...

Maybe in time.

When our minds are all free.

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