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More often now I find myself, balancing here.

So elegantly swaying between pain and bitter sadness.

Soon returning in all my glory of breathtaking content.

Each end of these scales, a sometimes pricking of neverending fingertips.

When I feel alone, poked and prodded by repetative notions of life and purpose.

I hold my breath...longing in passionate comfort I know...

Soon these emotions will fade, this vessel will be free once again.

Tuned in and out on these days, I feel every word.

Every whisper is ecstasy.

On these days I adore my bumps and celebrate all my mending.

In such awe of myself and this world.

My expectations are finally laid to rest.

I can reside here, in this dwelling with only myself.

Seeing nothing as clearly and as beautifully as I do.

There are certainly emotions that we bare no name.

How can I explain this collision of memories,

These drapes of fairylight dreams that never stop morphing or changing.

As much as we can plan or hope for our future,

I am learning, all we can do is be still in the virtue of ourselves.

Our eyes may aswell be closed shut, as we step forward into this magical chaotic story of each of our lives...

I am so grateful each day for every realisation, new company and opportunities my soul does bare.

May every moment be as it is,

And is as it should be.

Thank you.

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