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When I was born, I clung to you like spiders web.

I cried and cried if not nestling safe in your arms.

Although time, this world, have moulded me a woman now.

My heart feels quite the same.

Oceans and clouds separate our witchy hands.

Hands most reflex behaviour to cheers a glass of wine.

Nibbles on your sofa, merry, discussing life and fantasising future.

What I would give to pop a bottle of fizz and share an evening with you!

My crystal ball surely sees many nights ahead.

Yet now I know this wanderlust adventure, must one day surely end.

Travel and this mission to figure out my truth,

Will one day leave me home, sticking back to you.

I have never met a woman so beautiful, strong and wise.

How lucky I do feel, you were the one who first ever graced my eyes.

How graceful you hold pain.

How determined you are to smile.

How much crap you've had to deal with, it's a miracle you've managed...

Watching and learning from you.

I can only hope one day, I have children, who love and simply adore me too.

Being human can be tough.

I am learning, in simple pleasures we must hold safe.

Another thing I miss the most is your homemade vegan carrot cake!

I miss your glowing moonstone, dangling from your neck.

I miss the way you get annoyed at the dog, for being such a shit!

I love the way you dance at Christmas,

I love how much we laugh.

But the thing I think I love the most, is the bond between us three...

An unconditional knowing, we will always have eachother.

One built through love and blood.

All beginning from the strength and care,

Of one badass goddess mother bear.

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