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The Beast.

Love can shine in many ways,

That knot in your belly,

A smile,

Or a wink.

Love is so powerful,

It brings joy and peace.

It's biggest opponent,

That inner beast..

It's all around us,

if you want to see it.

It's easy to notice the bad.

When that's what the media feeds us.

If you feed the beast within,

It will surely grow.

If you ignore it?

It will have no choice but to go.

We all harbour that voice within,

That voice that says your not good enough...

We can't let it win!

When you allow good energy and light,

To enter your life.

I promise you this,

They'll be an end to your strife!

For what people seem to forget.

It's a choice,

A positive mindset...

The brain's we have been given,

Are so complex,

So powerful,

Once you learn to control it,

Your life will surely be more blissful.

Don't beat yourself up,

We all have bad days...

But once you tame the beast,

It won't get its way!

Putting out that good energy,

Will come back to you for sure.

It will light up your life,

With a love you can't ignore.

Follow the light,

Ignore the dark.

If you train yourself to do this,

It will awaken that spark!

That spark you forgot you had,

Because the world around you has made you sad.

Made you forget,

This life isn't all bad.

So much light and love and beauty surrounds us!

Don't let them control us,

Control us with hate and fear...

Which summons that beast.

The beast they know resides within us all,

And will be released...

When presented with a big enough feast.

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