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The 'F' Word.

I can't believe,

I've been doing this all wrong.

I thought,

To be an empowered woman,

You had to be strong.

When I entirely let go,


Tears I'd held for far too long.


The strangest moment,

Was like my tears,

Quenched my thirst.

A badass feminine energy,

Soon took my form.

Gone that shell of a girl.

No time to mourn.


Already resided.

Only appeared,

When I truly decided.

To release.

Didn't realise she was gone,

Till I recovered my peace.

Now I have her,

I'll never let go.

This un-describable knowing,


Repossessed me.

We are women for a reason.

Scars left by man,

Caused our skin to harden.


It's so important to remember,

The gifts we own.

Our womb magic,

Sacred throne.

Be proud,

Were beings fuelled through,



Qualities to be respected.


There's no shame,

In crying.

The worlds a scary place.

Your tired.

Let no one try to question,

How you feel.


If their own truth.

They've lost.

Forget the cynics!

Know your audience,

Don't let others,

Project their own sorrow,


These energy vacuums,

Just clog up.

Leave mess.

Harness her,

Nurture her.

She's you after all...

To the women who understand.

Were so lucky.

To own our true forms.

Now to rescue the rest.

I promise,

Once you feel that intense feminine energy.

So complete you'll feel.


How you used to go abut your days,

Before she was real!

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