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The Frequency.

It's here,

Can you feel it?

Running through your body,

Down through the floor,

Up into those daisie's,

And flowing at the shore.

That warmth on your skin,

Those colours pleasing your eye.

That soothing song,

That almost make's you cry.

The reflection in that mirror,

The buzzing of that bee..

The sweet breath of that breeze.

Have you guessed it?

Are you aware?

Once you see it,

Your life will become clear.

We are all connected,

This energy holds us together...

It even creates our weather.

Without this energy,

It would all ground to a hault.

I'm sorry to tell you...this could be our fault.

Why create our own energies?

When we've been gifted the best of all,

Yes...that hot blazing huge ball!

It's inconvenient I know,

And why use it?

If it's slow...

Slow compared to what?

That high speed internet,

That's making our brains rot.

I have an idea...

Just hear me out...

As well as staying connected online,

Why don't we stay connected with the force that created our lives...

And actually,

Take a step outside..?

Mmmmm outside..

Where it all starts,

Where that beautiful energy first began it's march.

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