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The Greatest Love.

A Poem dedicated to all the friends I miss so much. x

Love is what saves us.

Picks us up in moments,

When our reality,

Is too much.

In that moment,

Two energy fields join together.

Creating an untouchable,

Unmistakable Love.

Love can mean,

So many different things.

A warm hand,

On a cold shoulder.

Or a reassuring glance,

That releases your wings.

The Love in which,

I write today.

Is the Love of a friend.

This Love so powerful.

One of no judgement.

When true,

Time can not scave.

A Love of choice.

When your hearts meet,

We let go,


A Love in which,

We let each other make mistakes.

Ready with open arms,

When the realisation breaks.

So special,

As we watch each other grow.

Support any strange phases.

A Love,

When you let each other go...

Only a few true friends,

In this life you can depend.

The Love will never fade,

When you reunite.

Overwhelmed by joy.

They'll save you from a fight.

Protect you.

With all their might,

Never forget you.

Beautiful memories,

Fuelling the Love.

When each soul is far away,

Waiting for the day.

When you both come out to play.

Dear the friends,

Now lost.

I learnt so much from you,

In my heart you'll always lodge.

Dear my friends,

Who I never see enough.

I always think of you,

Please don't think we've lost out Love.

I miss you...

When I see you soon,

You'll fall over from the biggest hug.

I'm saving for you.


Dear the friends,

I see a lot.

Thankyou for listening.

Like stars in my very own sky,

Keep me glistening.

Put up with moaning,

For always concerning.

I Love how were learning,

To figure out this life together!

So many experiences,

Still to come.

I wouldn't want,

Any other people in my life.

Your all the ones.

The ones I want to keep burning my light.

The ones I Love with all my might.

When we dance,

Forget all our woes.

When I see your smiles,

Hear your laughs...

I wish I could freeze time.

But alas,

The world keeps turning.

Days end.

So all I can do for now,

Is wait for the moment.

When I gaze around the room,

See all your beautiful faces.

Till then,

I hold in all that Love.

Ready to embrace you,


I'm the luckiest girl alive,

To have you all by my side.

Thank you x

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