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Theory of Me.

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

What decided I was me?


I am myself.

These thoughts in my head,

Are mine.


A force knowing,

Always before.

Is it written?

Is there reasoning.

A plan for me,


This life that is mine,

As I look at you,

You look back at me.

I'm me,

Your you.

What do you see,

When you eyes gaze upon me.

Do I fit a stereotype for your story,

Do I play a part,

Do I get many lines.

Or just a passing thought,

A figure of many.

A moment in,

Your time.

A dull ache,



Why this vessel,

I call home.

Strange I be always me,

You always you.

A destination,

I can only stay.

A journey,

Of chaotic thought,

The constant unknown.

In my head,


To figure out on my own.

Is this body mine,

Or just a miracle of cells,


Matter clung together,

To build a sanctuary,

For my being.

This soul,

Entity that resides here.

Can I call it mine?

Does it really matter?

Is there a point in even asking.

I feel to even have the question,

There is a point,


One surely tasking.

These free flowing ponders,



Emotions so intimate.

Are these feelings and desires,

Really ours?

Or just a chemical reaction,

Small sentiment.

Broken fragment.

When I decline,

Is that me or just my mind.

Or a lesson,

Beyond my recognition.

A lesson for the next what?

This tale has no plot.

Just riddles,

Of me.



Constant resistance.

Resistance of understanding.

Wanting to learn,

Too scared to uncover.

Am I me for a reason,

Or just another,


Another result,

A test.

My sub conscious would agree,


Intuition is the only one who truly see's!

You choose,

Who you believe.

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