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Twirl Me.

Move with me in motion,

Take my tempting hand.

Let that ancestral beat bewitch you on your journey,

Each step to creating the most hypnotic dance.

Transporting us high above our keep.

A sensual dual,

Eyes kiss across the hazy room.

Locking in and letting go.

An instinctual agreement tonight is ours.

Twirl me,

Let me spin and float my way.

Safe in your familiar arms.

Wrap me,

Hold me as our bodies breath and move as one.

Collapsing all formalities,

No need to know your name.

Claiming our nature, surrender to that purest rhythm.

A flowing constellation of blissful smiles,

Warm bodies gliding and lighting up the room.

Willing slaves to the night,

Entranced by the rumble of the walls.

Calling us in.

Never stop.

Just twirl me.

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