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Waves of wisdom.

People come and go.

Feelings adapt and change.

Reflecting and absorbing the light from each soul we meet.

Greet change with the wildest arms,

Flapping in excitement.

In anticipation of the next page of your enlightenment.

We are all teachers and students,

Gardeners of each others world's.

Closing yourself off to opportunity,

May be the saddest deed to pass.

Stand tall.

Glowing in the wisdom of the earth.

Naked canvas at the ready.

Painting memories,

Guiding soft strokes of serenity.

Please don't waste your energy on notions stained in darkness.

We all make mistakes.

In forgiving yourself,

You finally hold the hand of time.

At least you know you have a heart.

In letting go,

The seeds of so carefully planted,

Can finally take to soil.

Ride the wave of wisdom,

For tomorrow it can easily be all forgotten.

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