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Presence is medicine.

I notice now each calm calling from sweet earth.

Her birds bravely sing each new mystical morning, even exposed by a dewy, cold lit moon.

Shining on my student skin, frosty furniture sparkles in her bask.

Unveiling lost magical realms.

Her purest essence.

Sweet gentle reminders of mothers power,

A potent beauty.

One I crave to learn.

Leaning inwards, saved by broken hearts.

I listen deeply, content I manage a quiet, cageless existence.

Restoring freedom in effortless expression.

Finally free of a false makers will...

I know in time I will welcome another storm of love,

In anticipation I adore myself.

Immerse each day with reminders and wishes of gratitude.

Senseless, this dragging weightless curiosity to look up.

Always and forever, she restores my grasp on truth.

Frozen mud hardens my will, just in time for new lessons to begin.

Countless, so deliciously endless this desire to reconnect and honour my roots.

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