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Safe in the night.

Dainty drawings of memories past,

Float and flutter in my mind.

Unstuck, my time is blissful possibility,

Shaving an endless smile on my face.

Satin skin, a mirage of water.

Surrendered fingers effortlessly melt into palm.

Guardless prisons fall, as all fear fades into mystery.

Tales of tragedy dim into black nothing.

Darkness, a welcoming shadow of certainty.

Alluring atoms, these native, negative notions,

Tease and laugh at innocent ideals.

The work of light takes patience and love...

A freedom of recognition, sweet nectar wildly drips down my chin.

Eloped in Ecstasy, I can calmly retort these floating thoughts.

Our presence is medicine.

In divine touch I tirelessly tremble. Every vibration a familiar call from grace.

When swallowed in darkness,

Dangerous amnesia can blow in the wind.

Fatal forgetting can consume you,

Doom you dull and dried in bloom.

So cast your sails high in laughter,

Transfix your eyes upon meadows and moon.

Tempt your ears with breathtaking beats and deep notes of nostalgia.

Release your limbs to flow in rhythm with that drum in your chest.

Through simplicity we dance without shadow.

In witness of magic we stand safe in the night.

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