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Patient Pupils.

Butter melts down my face.

Clenched teeth grin and bare.

Sweet avoidable words,

A projection of your own heart.

This being soft in love,

A ninja of deflections.

No cause or mention of sorry.

Vowing now to nurture good,

Patient pupils see so clearly into your soul.

Blessed in intuition,

Graced and protected, Angels swarm.

Their toxic vibration won't pulse through polished skin.

I rise in satisfaction,

Comfortable in the knowing,

My light is true.

Soaked and soothing bruises, clearing out the nest.

Tests on tests on tests,

Each new day brings.

Catch me dancing,

Shining, delicious dewy skin will be my armour.

Quietly changing my rules,

Surviving a life of fools.

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