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A giant tender heart I've found.

Stopped my time,

Green eyes fell in your blue so deeply.

Too easily.

A familiar comfort I have found,

In your kind shadow.

A connection sprouting from the trees of a jungle,

How far I've seemed to tumble...

So perfectly in your arms.

Euphoric nights of disillusion,

Tender vibrations,

These memories stained in colour keep replaying in my mind.

Looking up,

This view I have of you.

Feelings as clear, glowing as bright as your warming fires.

Bathing under moonlight,

Dancing into your body.

Oh how this earth has beautifully rewarded us with this chance.

Gazing up at you,

I have never felt so safe.

So protected and at ease.

No sweeter sound than the music that our bodies do compose,

Holding my breath each time my lips sat in yours.

With every inhale of fruity smoke,

I surrendered to my heart.

Your huge footprints making their mark on my life.

For now we say goodbye,

This viking needs to fly!

I hold deep hope our eyes will find each others light again.

Until then,

Each necklace we do bare...

A Tigers eye and shell.

Will every day remind us,

Just how easily we fell.

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