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That dust in your bones,

Remnants of fallen stars.

Toes planted on the grass,

Roots will show.

Returning you to centre.

Sweet music manifesting rhythm within,

Being now dance...

Limbs in moving motion,

Pleasured energy flow.

Each fingerprint,

A story of your growth.

Every breath.

Beat of that drum,

Keeping you alive.

Your Alive.

Catch your conscious from the cosmos,

In presence keep it safe.

Don't lose yourself in modern madness,

True purpose will escape.

That smile you call your own,

Deep universe in those eyes.

Gaze held by fire,

Essence draws you in.

All these ancestral knowing's.

Are just reminders to us all.

Catch yourself in chaotic breath.

Align your twisted spine.

Intensify this human experience.

Be still,

Deep breath...

Your alive.

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