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Anecdote of a Spider.

Each day I wake clung to my beautiful web,

That glistens in the sunlight,

Collects raindrops,

That the frost bites at night.


Patiently I sit here,

Waiting for a morsel,

A tiny bite.

I'm so proud of my home,

This web I spun alone.

My Kingdom,

My throne.

That will soon be full of bones.


I pay no other creature's no mind,

Unless I surely find,

They've entered my realm.

And when my Kingdom falls,

Brushed away from the lawn,

Without hesitation,

Or yawn.

I rebuild my home... once torn.

Now stronger,

Each weave now longer.

I still wait...

For a silly little bug to not look where it's going,

And meet its fate.

I've heard many stories and tales,

Of my sisters once frail,

Who couldn't handle the chill of the night,

So dared to find shelter inside.

But no paradise was found.


Lay splattered legs on the ground.

Sometimes I hear screams and yells,

A sure sound another has fell.

In the land where the Giant things dwell.

I've been told,

Of a worst fate a spider could meet,

A machine so large,

In the Giant's hand,

That can suck you right up,

To an airless land.

One full of dust and hair,

Now that is a spiders worst fear!

But once in a while,

You'll find a Giant with a smile,

One with kind eyes,

That will share their home,

And pay us no mind.

I find it all quite mean,

That these Giant's will soon scream,

Just at our sight,

We sure do give some a fright!

I can't figure out what the reason could be?

It can't be our eight crafty legs,

Or all these eyes on our heads?

Or the fact we drink the blood of our prey,

Till there dead...

Do these Giant's really think,

All there blood,

I could drink?

I would surely combust,

So what's all the fuss?

So strange something so large,

Would be afraid of a creature like me?

If they would only listen,


They might see,

A good companion I could be.

I hear their not fond of flies and wasp's,

I can help them out there...

I gobble them up,

That's my job!

Maybe their women are jealous,

That when were done with our men,

Their just breakfast...


I don't think ill take the risk,

I'm happy in this web I am in.

Watching the world go by,

Devouring fly after fly.

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