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Beat of a Drum.

The song of a temptress,

The Vibration of a gong.

All these frequencies,


Some beautiful music,

A perfect song.

A song your body remembers,

Before your mind...

An Ancient ritual,

That takes you back through time.

Takes you back to your Ancestors,

That were pure and free,

Wishing that was the life,

We could all lead.

A life that was simple,

But full of magic and joy.

A time when the biggest worry,

Was food...

Not the worry, that all humans do,

Is destroy.

Destroy Mother Earth,

The place of all our births.

Births of such beauty,




A huge guilt we all feel.

For some of our bad mistakes.

A discovery,

A revelation..

That we are the only animals,

To destroy our own nation.

That nostalgia you feel,

When you hear a beating drum.

The vibrations flowing through your body.

The voice telling you to run.

It's our mother crying out for help,

Her own children have betrayed her,

An awful story to be told.

But this is our current reality,

Behind the suits and the smiles,

There's tears flowing from our Mother,

Going on for miles...

Anger sparking fires...

Warning us we've gone too far.

We're really good at blaming ourselves,

So why we haven't changed it bizarre.

I'm waiting for the day,

When we all come together.

Lead good lives,

And begin to clean up this terror.

It's just our minds,

That need to be retrained...

It's a habit,

A bad one.

Let's do it...

Let's change!

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