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Just like a child,

This generation has behaved.

All want, want, want,

And take, take, take.

But as you teach a child,

We need to re-teach ourselves.

That just because it's on offer,

Is that item going to change your world?

With a click of a button,

It can arrive the next day.

Feeding our human desire,

To be always onto the next thing.

We've lost the satisfaction,

To achieve things on our own.

Our brains have been re-wired,

To be lazy and slow.

Everyone's now a critic,

Hiding behind that screen.

It makes me sad what some of us waste our energy on,

All it sparks is bad feelings and negativity.

They name their brands so ironically,

We don't even see it.

One after a rainforest,

Which they are clearly helping to destroy...

With tons and tons of packaging,

For that one tiny toy.

All these things we've been brainwashed to think we need.

But it's not too late to re-sow that seed!

Just be mindful,

About what you are buying.

Where does it come from?

How far is it flying?

Do you really need it?

Or is this item just filling the void?

The void that will never be full...

For this is the downfall of our race.

To never be satisfied,

To always want more.

It's sad when you see it,

For this is the human's own battle for sure...

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