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Crafting Crazy.

Carefully crafting Crazy.

Deliciously floating through fluffy motions of madness.

Unlocking sadness, I cry a lot.

Glass memories painted hazy,

Decked in chains of daisies.

All was left, submit and smile.

Teasing myself with ideals of success.

Once inspiration dims, I light a candle.

Uncovering what I can and won't handle.

Accepting and nourishing my strengths.

I am an expert at ignoring.

Nosey egos,

Those darling disapproving voices in my head.

Extinguishing all expectations.

I trust the process,

I won't trust myself.

I have given up and given in to crazy.

It feels so good, surprisingly easy.

Relishing in all recognition,

This kinder path of one decision.

Does this make me happy?

Forever feeding the dreams of others.


A myth shared as stories, over wine with sisters and brothers.

Lazily Learning...continuing to passionately plant ecstasy in every seed of crazy.

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