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You are dangerously deserving.

Collect your worn out heart,

Rescue your light from this deep blue nothing you wrongly think you are.

Proudly hold and guard your breath, in those patient dusty lungs.

Scan your skin of stories, purest mind and forgiven sin.

Accept and welcome each miracle, pesky misery that made you who you are.

Bizarre how far humanity has dissolved in entitlement.

In puffs of fruity smoke we fall into the pain of our own creation.

Forgotten, but not lost.

An alluring ancestral desire to return to a simpler rhythm.

Through connection, touch and wisdom, soon fading masks of doubt.

Listen quietly, enchanting footsteps of collective conscious are marching just in time.

Rising, groggy in numb slumbers of disease and disconnection to this earth.

We are dangerously deserving,

Of a life of love and worth.

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