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Dusty Travels.

It was then I smiled and licked the wind.

Songs of laughter stole my soul from darkness.

Music of love,

Raw creativity blossoms surrounded by likened kin of the world.

Torn paper, curling canvas rise from the dusty corners of our past.

Healing thoughts and conversations,

Flow as easily as the tears began.

Remembering, soon forgetting the pain that made us flee,

It is a traveller I be.

Floating away to foreign lands.

Discovering new flavours and our apetite for truth.

Who are we?

Why has this all come to be?

I rise comforted in stories, a student of the earth.

Ribbons and jewels adorn my glowing skin.

I am ready for the riddles this life will reveal.

Wiser, so grateful to be alive, I sing.

Changed forever by the mystery of the souls I have been so lucky to meet.

Bountiful in blessings.

Finally connecting with myself,

I never want to forget, how I feel today.

I am who I am, I choose the path I land.

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