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Getting where?

Each time I think I'm getting there,

I fold.

This pyramid of cards, my mind.

Cascading, one marvellous creation.

All achieving and pleasing to the woeful eye.

A passer by,

Excudes one promising sneeze.

It all crumbles.

My mindful collection.

Cards now dancing amoung dead leaves.

A sweet relief, I may get the chance again.

To rebuild this fractured home.

This temple, a lifetime of mending.

Maticullously tending to this suit of skin and water.

I remain faithful to myself,

A kin with moon and sun.

From these guides, I shall never turn.

These moulding muscles have worked too hard,

To risk a journey paved by broken glass.

This destination that I yearn I do not know.

Yet do not question,

A glimpse of hope or destination may quiet this restless soul.

A goal birthed of joy,

One thrilled by love and lesson.

This smile can meet and so kindly welcome any challenge.

A proud sailor of rowing wild,

Fluttering every flow of life.

One unending adventure,

Wandering aimlessly down roads of blossoming ecstacy,

To only climb hills so high I cannot bare.

I know in my very essence,

That one day I'll make it there.

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