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Good Morning.

I bask in morning sun.

Excitement grows for each new day,

What reflections will play on the stage of my mind?

I make potions from my porridge,

Stirring away all doubt.

Sipping and smoking away sweet mornings.

Each night my aching body relaxes with the thought of a new sun,

A new day.

To create such beautiful art from breath.

This soul deserves sweet silence,

This skin deserves soothing energy.

I light my burning appetite for life with nostalgic smells,

Held so high, my regard for nurturing simplicity.

Forever baking delicious puddings of proof to myself.

We can only adapt and enhance this recipe for peace.

Through perseverance and patient practice.

Deciding and deducing our own unique happiness.

How lucky we are with each good morning,

To prevail and start again.

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