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I'm Sorry I'm So Angry.

Something troubling,

Has begun,

To bother me.

I've been observing,


How many minds.

Are turning.

Spongey brains,

Soaked in lies.


Dirty waters,

Clogging up our sense.

Dancing along,


Government instruments.

What went wrong?

Following orders,

For so long.

Loss of common sense.

Can't make a move,

Without another's consent.

Can't live your life,

No more.

Without approval.

Stiff bodies.



Did we give these thieves,

The key?

To drain our free will.

Steal our intuition.

Understand what I'm saying...

Please listen.

Your life,

Needs no permission.

Seek relief,

From this horrific condition.

Escape from the flock.

Your unique.

Not just a number.

This life is more,

Than just following,

One another.

The truth,

Once uncovered.

Will release.

Reclaim your purpose.

Lock up these pirates.

Who only deceive.

Hold the reed,

That you breathe.


Those who lead.

Believing all we read.


Held from strings,

Forged in the factory,

Of our own bereave.


From their teats of greed,

And desire.

Addicted to no longer.

Needing to use our minds.

Empty skulls.



We gave up our rights!

Now the vultures are snacking,


You know deep down,

It's true.

We've lost our way,

Forgot our own song.


Dependant for too long.

Do you not see what's wrong?

Are you angry?

You should be.

Born in a world,

Where your told,

Who you should be.

Clay bodies,

Moulded into the shape,

Of subservience.


So fearful.

Boiling with frustration.

Gazing at a hypnotised nation.

Do you really think,

This is all we are,

The true purpose of our creation.

Carrying heavy burdons,

Some so deeply lost.

Hate their only costume.

To scream,

Cry for help.

I'm so angry...

This can't be the worlds true form.

I'm so tired...

Feeling alone.

Pain in every yawn.

I can't be alone.


They'll realise.

We'll change, grow.

End this horror story,

Cancel this show.

I'm sorry I'm so angry.

My only release,

When my pen hits paper.

Desiring only peace,

In a world in pieces.

Struggling to hold on,

To the good,

When so much bad,

Confronts me.

Each morning,

I wake so happy.

To only discover,

There's been another tragedy.

My words how I'm managing.

In this world,

So challenging.

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