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Deep within our quiet, relaxed in empty salvation it expands.

Patiently tingling, an ocean of possibility.

Captured in cracked fingertips,

I keep them safe with palms to heart.

The softest of smiles guides expectant lips.

Thoughts rise from a vibration,

Brewed of peace or pain.

Sticky problems, faltering fantasies will block outbound our truth.

Curious temptations of creativity,

Explode from purest root.

Cycles of losing myself, askew in humanities fog.

Collecting stale sticks,

Tarnishing twigs, could never fuel this whimpering flame.

Incandescent, in all entirety I burn when I finally surrender.

To what is,

What was.

I shall lovingly cover this crystal ball in divine silk.

Graciously shake the hands of today.

For she is the only dimension of time,

My inspiration can undoubtedly ignite.

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