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Jungle groove.

All those mornings past,

Dancing in my kitchen.

Losing inhibition,

Arms swinging, just missing dishes.

Now I'm dancing in the rainforest,

Surrounded by the tranquil breath of the trees.

Arms now swinging wild and tall,

Spinning and entranced by the beauty of it all.

Foreign sounds of creatures and nature's song.

My feet can't stop flowing,

In tandom with emerald streams.

Dreaming and gleaming all through the night.

Thousands of firefly swarm and warm up all space.

Limbs gliding,

There's no hiding.

Tiny teachers beautifully glowing,

While showing me their sacred moves.

Wishing for a storm,

So I can enjoy the rain fall on my skin.

Basking in the enchantment of this jungle groove night.

No other human in sight...

I am enthralled by the woman I can sense.

Am I allowed to whisper,

"I am proud of you"

Conquered a sea of emotion.

Flown through hazy sky,

Dodging lies to yourself to finally be here.

Finally be clear in spirit and mind,

A little secret I share with myself.

Thank you.

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