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Life's Treasure.

This alien tool,

That resides in our heads.

The most amazing gift,

But is it foe or a friend?

It can lock memories away,

And throw out the key.

It can help you forget,

It can help you believe.

It can be sneaky,

Burst out with a lie.

That slips off your tongue...

So easily,

Your surprised.

It can help you distract yourself,

With daydreams and fluffy clouds.

But it can also drive you crazy,

With bad memories and negative notions.

If you let it take over,

You'll soon drown in that ocean.

It's scary,

Because it knows you the best.

Knows how to make you cry,

Knows how to make you depressed.

Creates dreams in your slumber,

That always make you wonder.

Constant riddles and mixed messages,

Nothing certain,

Nothing of sense.

Sends energy throughout your body,

Brings you pain,

Brings you pleasure.

So strange,

The constant battle,

And frustration of only a muscle.

A true magic,

A miracle in my eyes.

This muscle full of wonder,



This mind,

This brain,

We're all trying to make sense of.

All trying to explain.

Through meditation,

And yonder.

You do begin to ponder..

That once in control of one's own mental state,

Your own beautiful kingdom,

You soon can create!

One of peace,

One of pleasure,

One of contentment and splendour.

For to find peace within one's self,

Is surely the ultimate of Life's Treasure's we could mould for ourselves.

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