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Living with a lost girl.

A kaleidoscope of dreams and aspirations,

Versions of herself.

Appear and disappear.

Creative conquests rise and explode from a part of herself she would like to see.

For a moment.

Then fall like ash,

Grey and dead.

Now she is waiting for her next rebirth,

The next fixation.

News to tell her friends,

This person she wants to be.

But nevertheless one she can't decide.

She's bored.

Bored of knowing somewhere she belongs.

Bored of trying but never finishing..

The spark in her heart,


Dusty and diminishing.

If only she was good at finishing.

Waiting for motivation,

Mind now drifting far away.

She knows on this road she cannot stay.

Her smile doesn't belong here,

Well not for very long.

Her search seems to always be wrong.

She's not good enough,

Doesn't try hard enough.

Expecting the world to change,

Always disappointed.

Her kaleidoscope of dreams and aspirations,

Now in another direction pointed.

Leaving it to fate.

Maybe this time I will find her.

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1 Comment

Oct 16, 2021

Love this one Sweetie. It is you.

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